Build Berms with Clay, Scoria Rock, or Class 5

  Frac Tanks

  Drilling Fluid Tanks

  Production Tanks

Shooter Truck Shooter Truck

Build Spill Containment Berms

Material is delivered and installed precisely by our fleet of Shooter Trucks. Conveyabull's vast network of pits ensures rapid delivery.
Install spill containment berms for Frac Tanks, Drilling Fluid Tanks, or Production Tanks using Scoria Rock, Class 5, or Clay.

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Pipeline Bedding

Our advanced fleet can deliver and install pipe bedding material the easy way. No more waiting for traditional equipment like excavators and backhoes to get the job done at a snail’s pace.

See Our Pipeline Methods

Drying Agents

Our numerous stockyards and capable fleet of trucks are available to supply drying agents, any project any time. Our products include DRITEQ, Fusion, and C.S.D. All of these products offer significant advantages and savings. Click below to learn more...

Drying Agents