Seeking Owner Operators

  • Belly Dumps
    & Pneumatics

    Large Renewable Projects
    Oil & Gas Industry
    Large Civil Projects
    Throughout the U.S


14 Belly Dumps needed in Oklahoma

12 Pneumatic trucks needed in Oklahoma


100% Paperless

We use mobile load entry and a simple web interface to access daily and monthly summaries. Our web-based management system eliminates paperwork, so you can focus on driving.

Direct Deposit

Conveyabull makes it a priority to pay operators consistently and on-time. With us, your check is not somewhere in the mail, it's already in your account.

Experienced Dispatch

Conveyabull operated its own fleet for over a decade, serving oil & gas, residential, commercial, and highway projects in numerous states. We are not just sales brokers, we have real-world understanding of trucking.


Conveyabull Express Pay

With our Express Pay program, you have the option to get paid weekly. No enrollment fees, annual contracts, termination fees, minimum monthly fees, funds control fees, hidden penalties and interest charges.

No banks, middle men, or factoring companies.

With a factoring company, you’re not just paying the factor fee. You’re covering underwriter fees, processing charges, sign-up costs, and more. And you could be on the hook for the invoice too if they don’t receive it on time!

With Express Pay, you get discounted payments each week to help cover expenses and there’s no additional penalties to stress about. Weekly payments & one easy discount will keep your cash flowing so you can relax, and do what you do.


Drivers & Owner Operators

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