Vast Distribution Network

Rapid Delivery

Conveyabull is available with numerous stockyards that allow rapid delivery of drying agent products throughout Central and Western US.

Quality-Tested Materials

All of our products are tested at production and at the well site to ensure optimal quality. Conveyabull has field consultants that work directly with your mixing hands, ensuring that they are using our products in a fashion that will reduce your overall costs. Below is more information on our drying agent products DRITEQ and Fusion.


DRITEQ - A Sawdust Product

Low cost, low weight drying agent. DRITEQ is the oil fields' leading drying agent for cuttings and liquid from cleaning drilling mud tanks. DRITEQ can help clients save up to 35% per well in disposal & drying agent costs as it only weighs 300 lbs per cubic yard vs. Fly Ash, which weighs 3600 lbs per cubic yard. DRITEQ can be delivered in 3.25 cubic yard super sacs or in bulk, placed directly into your catch tanks with our belt trucks. Bulk loads can be ordered as 10-100 cubic yard loads.

Approved by North Dakota Oil & Gas Commission for use in on-site pits.

• A DRITEQ Super Sac is approx. 3.25 cubic yards
• Order by sac or flatbed loads of 24 sacs

• 10-100 cubic-yard trailer load delivered into catch tank
• Via Shooter Truck containing 1 to 25 cubic yards

Fusion - Lime Blend

Low cost, lower weight drying agent. Fusion weighs 2500 lbs per cubic yard vs. 100% Fly Ash which weighs 3600 lbs per cubic yard. Fusion can be delivered in 1 ton super sacs or in 26 ton bulk loads which can be placed directly into catch tanks with our belt trailers. We deliver Fusion in Super Sacs or in Bulk.

• A Fusion super sac is approx. 1 ton
• Order as many super sacs as needed
• 26-ton trailer loads delivered into catch tank


Trailer Load of Super Sacs