• Deliver & Spread

    Shooter Trucks are the easiest, fastest, and often the most cost-effective way to deliver and install materials. From sand and topsoil to gravel and scoria, Shooter Trucks can deliver the amount you need, where you need it.

  • Construction

    Our remote operated Shooter Trucks can bring loads of material to your project site and spread it without the need for extra equipment or labor. Why waste time and money, Conveyabull can help you complete projects the easy way.

  • Rehab & Winter Sanding

    Deliver & spread Scoria Rock or Class 5 over muddy areas to maintaining vehicle access, or spread sand for winter the easy way. Shooter Trucks have no problem accessing muddy locations because they can build roads on the way in!

Numerous Applications

Conveyabull Shooter Trucks have served a wide range of projects throughout Montana and North Dakota...

  • Crawl space sanding, filling, or radon-proofing.
  • Gravel installation for basements, garage fill, foundations, driveways, sidewalks, monoslabs, etc.
  • Slab base material grading for commercial buildings.
  • Topsoil or Compost spreading for landscaping and reclamation.
  • Landscaping rock and pebble installation onto weed matting.
  • Importing and installing material, then exporting waste dirt.
  • Engineered fill installation.
  • Landfill cell drainage layer installation.
  • Fuel station tank(s) backfill installation.
  • Tank berms, liner bedding, & liner cover.
  • Pipeline bedding.
  • Tank battery spill containment berms.
  • Material Options



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Material Options

Conveyabull supplies topsoil, rock, road mix, sand, gravel, compost, mulch, woodchips, and more for all varieties of applications. Materials are tested to meet specifications so you know what you're getting.

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