• Hauling Services

    ONE company for independent truckers

    • Provides consistent daily hauling to large infrastructure projects anywhere in the U.S.A.
    • Hauls Aggregates, Asphalt, Millings, Dirt, Riprap and Wet Batch Concrete.
    • Uses contractor selected truckers and other local truckers.
    • Brings in dedicated regional truckers (when needed) to boost daily hauling production.
    • Allows contractors to set their own trucking rates.
  • Rate Competition

    Get truckers competing for your project

    Recently awarded an infrastructure project and want more competitive hauling rates?

    We can help you drive more competitive trucking rates through our Haul Rate Auction system, which provides truckers with an opportunity to compete with rates for a spot on your project.

  • CONVEYABULL moves millions of tons anually to Highway, Rail, Industrial, Transmission, Renewable and Reclamation projects.

    Conveyabull manages road material & gravel hauls nationwide.
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