Gravel Trucking Management

What We Do.

Nationwide contracting, so you feel right at home no matter where your project is . . .

Gravel Trucking Management

Specializing in providing gravel truck contracting services for large—remote construction projects, Conveyabull puts high-volume gravel hauling in the hands of general contractors, eliminating paperwork, penalties and headaches. With Conveyabull, it's 1 trucking company, 1 phone call, 1 price.

Going Green

On renewable projects alone, Conveyabull hauled over 1 million tons of road material for 10 wind farms in 8 states during 2017. What can we do to jump start your major project?

Conveyabull manages road material & gravel hauls nationwide.

Why Conveyabull?

We combine experience with innovation to give you peace-of-mind on the most challenging jobs.