Gravel Trucking Management

Welcome aggregate producers. We are interested in buying your aggregates for our large scale projects in TX, OK, CO, KS, IA, NE, SD.

We buy aggregates from both small and large aggregate producers to supply our projects.

The Conveyabull advantage.

  • Why wait months to get paid by construction companies when you can get paid quickly by Conveyabull?
  • Our mobile and web apps provide seamless daily verification for all loads hauled from your pit.
  • We provide pits with the opportunity to sell large material quantities on our managed projects.

Hoping to keep a few of your own trucks busy?

  • No problem! Conveyabull will hire local trucks and pit trucks to support their projects.

Most common materials we purchase...

  • DOT spec road gravel
  • Crusher Run
  • Pit Run
  • Concrete Aggregates

Get started

Does your location have scales?

Our mission is to establish aggregate producer partnerships that provide our customers with optimal materials and delivery logistics.